meet the team

We have as much experience as passion in ensuring that your money, your brand and your marketing plans meet your business goals. We are true experts of this industry, and we surround ourselves with new talent who further the connection you’re looking to make with audiences.

Our team comes from the entertainment, creativity, advertising and strategy industries. We’re an elite consulting group that provides trust, innovation and the highest quality work.

Our strength comes from the diversity of experience that our senior staff has:


He is a benchmark in the eSports industry in Latin America, and one of the strategists who started the phenomenon in the United States. His experience in developing campaigns in more than 24 industries make his work a guaranteed success. He’s a family man who loves the simple things in life, and always loves a good laugh. 
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Herman Rojas
Alvaro Psevoznik

Alvaro stands out for his deep knowledge of the digital industry, where he has been a player since 1997. His outstanding recognitions in the digital space makes him more than qualified.
He’s a man with an extraordinary hunger for curiosity that lets him go beyond what is required in any task. 
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An authority in the Entertainment industry, Gabriel is a machine of innovative ideas. An admirable strength of this innate leader is his ability to turn projects into successful realities. He has managed the biggest Entertainment companies in the Americas, and always exceeds expectations. 
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Gabriel Burztyn
Claudio Gelemur

He is one of the most recognized executive producers in the entertainment industry, with decades in the business in several countries, including Spain and Argentina. His perfectionism and creativity have earned him roars of applause and notes of admiration. Claudio is eSports HQ’s creative mentor.