solutions beyond expectations

We work in a new medium.
We represent the new digital standard.
We are the world leader in the integration of relationship platforms and esports.

We are eSportsHQ.

Today, those between the ages of 13 and 36 spend more time on their mobile phones than on any other medium. Here, social networks reign supreme, and people’s way of interacting and understanding the world happens through search engines and conversations with online communities unbeknownst to previous generations. Because of this, the most popular sport in the world is not on a field or court— it’s online.

We’re witnessing the birth of a virtual world that is parallel to the real one; one with different rules, codes and languages, and eSportHQ is its official interpreter.

“Our goal is to generate a deep understanding of this phenomenon for our allies and to provide the best technology, strategy and communication on the planet to bring out the best of this generation.”

Gabriel Bursztyn – Founder eSports HQ

At EsportsHQ, we have managed to create the perfect mix between a communication medium, a relationship platform, a content generation structure and a message amplification system, all in one.

Our exclusive #esportsright© solution model, based on gamers’ experiences, allows any government, company, brand or enthusiast to achieve peak levels of acceptance of their offer or proposal from the MillCenn audience (MIllennial and Centennials).

Our solution design system makes it easier for our customers to reach their strategic KPIs through our exclusive toolkit of esportainment actions.

#esportsright© Solution Model:

Digital raids

Permeate the digital-social universe in an innovative and striking way.

New content inventory

Create stories that impact. Become an influencer in your category.

Artificial Intelligence + App media plan + Amplification channels + Pro segmentation level
Optimize your budget by reaching audiences others can’t.
Tournaments with a purpose
We let you be the star and architect of the best tournaments on the planet.
Soft skill training
Measure the soft skills of your family, teammates, and groups all while playing the most popular video games on earth.
The offline experience
Generate experiences you’ll never forget.