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At eSports HQ we redefine the consumer.

The digital world is as fast-paced as its users: the vast majority of people have the ability to consume large amounts of information simultaneously from various devices at a speed never before seen by the human race. These people are the Centennial, Millennial and the emerging Touch Generations.

These generations have been able to establish patterns of socialization and communication without any type of geographic, ideological, content or space filter. They have so much to choose from, and they’re always looking for more. High speed browsing, multichannels and multiplatforms are insufficient for them. They are hyper selective and have created inaccessible digital caves that shield them with highly complex relational models, and from this, have created a new identity: the “Avatar”. This is the new consumer!

“The avatar completely transforms the understanding of the potential client: The relationship will be based on the understanding of their tastes, preferences, digital fingerprints, public messages and groups to which they belong. We will have to get used to the Avatar being an anonymous consumer whose age, gender, and real name we will not know.”

Alvaro Psevoznik – Founder, eSportsHQ.